The W&L Story

Founded in 1749, W&L is the ninth-oldest college in the U.S. Today, W&L is a top-ranked, private university where students grow intellectually, unlock opportunities and prepare for their futures.

About W&L

Washington and Lee is a top-ranked, private institution in Lexington, Virginia, where we integrate the rigorous inquiry and critical thinking of a liberal arts curriculum with nationally accredited undergraduate programs in business and journalism, and a graduate School of Law. Our graduates, mentored by a faculty of teacher-scholars, are ready to make a meaningful impact wherever they go in the world.

W&L is the ninth-oldest institution of higher education in America and our historic campus, situated in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, is home to a vibrant, welcoming community distinguished by an entirely student-run Honor System that pushes students to take responsibility and realize their potential as citizens, peers and leaders.

With an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 1,860, our small size enables students to find mentors and develop personal relationships across campus. W&L offers incredible opportunity for those with incredible potential. Your voice matters at W&L because our core values of honor, integrity and civility are fundamental to our culture and they influence the thoughtful ways our students and faculty approach every conversation.

w&l colonnade

w&l colonnade

Discover W&L

The University

The 9th oldest college in the nation, Augusta Academy eventually became Washington and Lee University, recognizing the direct contributions of George Washington and Robert E. Lee to the school's growth and curricular innovation.

students atop a mountain overlooking the valley

In the Heart of the Shenandoah

Our Location

W&L is located in Lexington (pop. 7,000), a vibrant and picturesque town in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Money magazine recently named W&L one of the 10 best colleges for people who love the outdoors.

students atop a mountain overlooking the valley

students at a computer in a lab

students at a computer in a lab

Where Ambition Meets Opportunity

Our Educational Philosophy

At W&L, students enjoy small classes and close relationships with professors, while choosing from a remarkable variety of majors and minors, courses, and in-depth study opportunities — usually found only at large institutions.

colonnade at sunset

Not Unmindful of the Future

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is organized around four themes: Community, Curriculum, Citizenship and Campus, and outlines how our university will continue to build upon these strengths.

colonnade at sunset

By the Numbers

W&L at a glance.

students walking in front of the colonnade

Student Body


When you enroll at W&L, you join a vibrant, welcoming community. You and your peers will arrive with life experiences from many different places, and together, you will make W&L your own.

students around a dig site

Small Liberal Arts


W&L's motto, “not unmindful of the future” underlies the University's commitment to providing an education that is vital and relevant to the 21st century. The span of opportunities we offer as a liberal arts school encourages you to be, and do, anything you want. At W&L you have the flexibility to combine interests and pursue different passions.

student riding a bike

Opening Doors

Scholarships and Aid

Our mission is to make a W&L education affordable for all admitted students. Our financial aid evaluation is not just a set of numbers plugged into a formula. We review each application and treat each family according to its circumstances.

w&l soccer player



W&L fields 24 varsity teams most of which are NCAA Div III and compete in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. Our student-athletes pursue athletic goals without sacrificing their educational experience.

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